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Soul Contract Workshop
E.D. Writes..

Thank you for a lovely course and allowing me to bask in the energies. Having done both courses now I feel that this one was particularly beautiful because participants took the risk to expose some of their issues. It takes great courage and strength to do this and in doing so gives others permission to expose some of their faulty conditioning too. It is fundamentally essential if we are to grow and shift.

I have great respect for people when they can put themselves on the front line and step beyond judging their interior to others exteriors. I was very grateful and felt very humble to be part of such a beautiful courageous group and as we discussed before for those who cannot or will not to take that risk they are merely playing at being on a spiritual path.

Another wonderful course so many, many thanks.

Soul Contract Workshop


J.M. Writes..

The workshop was brilliant, a lot more than I expected, thank you. I've been pondering which way to go re one part of life for a while, and today I 'rocked the boat', and feel like a weight has been lifted A lovely group of people too, thanks Bryan xx

Reiki 1&2 Weekend

..a truly blessed experience

Janice writes...

Hi Bryan
Just want to say thank you for a truly blessed experience.
I decided I would take 3 days one the at a time to learn and practice the 3 symbols.

Today I tried the Power Symbol. I thought it would take a while to learn but to my amazement it seemed to draw itself. I just stared at my hands and it drew itself.

Since then I have been dropping power symbols round my home and myself and I feel totally free and soul-full.

Thank you again and thank the Universe for aligning me to you to bring Reiki into my life..truly wonderful classes you taught.

I am truly humbled and looking forward to an amazing soul journey with lots of Reiki healing ahead.

Day of Healing and Meditation

Dear Bryan,

Thanks for a great session on Sunday 5th August on Healing and Meditation.
I must admit it was quite an amazing experience, especially when you seemed to be in direct communication with the Elohim.
I found it one of the most profound sessions we have done and have already noticed lots of shifts.

I have since experienced a lot of change and new opportunities coming along.
Family relationships are also much better and some of the negativity has definitely been desolved.

I would be interested to hear what you thought about the day and how you felt our energy was.
I personally thought the groups energy was much better and lighter.

I will continue to use the meditations and thank you once again.


Day of Healing and Meditation

It's unbelievable!

Andrea who is in America and did the Workshop remotely says...

"I just finished listening to all the recorded material for the workshop and all I can say at first is, "WOW!"

There is so much feedback I want to share with you (and the others in the group if they wish). But right now, as you said, I'm still recovering! LOL It will take me the next several days to assimilate all that I received. But it was beautiful, deeply moving and powerful beyond words. I can't express my gratitude for your sharing this wonderful gift adequately. It's beyond words.

There are so many emotions, vibrations and states of being running through me -- all at once! I'm experiencing such great and pure Love, Joy, Gratitude, Peace, Purity, Healing, Forgiveness, Insight, Wisdom and a very deep, unshakeable, profound sense of Knowing. It's unbelievable!

It was like a direct download from the Divine."

Blessings, Love and Light,


Celebrations of Initiation Day. May 6th 2012

Katie writes...

I attended the workshop remotely, which was a new experience but I wanted to give it a go and use some of my previous Reiki and meditation training to support me.

Once I had 'tuned in' to the group I spent some time meditating on this and at intervals throughout the day. Once the meditations became available online, I downloaded them and spent two or three evenings working through them.

I had a challenging time during April, it seemed like lots of issues cropped up - to be honest it felt relentless! I was ready to do this course, it felt so right even though I wasn't there is person.

During some of the meditations, when certain things were discussed and touched on I had a sense of knowing and a smile on my face. Afterwards I had a sense of relief and feeling of lightness. I need to go back and revisit them as they have more to offer me still. It's good to know they are there whenever I need them. It was also good that Bryan had recorded the talks in between.

I would thoroughly recommend this course and also taking a chance to believe in doing courses such as this remotely. It did feel like a bit of gamble but I feel as though I experienced it just the same and got all of the benefits. Having the meditations there to use whenever i need them is also brilliant.

Thank you, once again Bryan x

Celebrations of Initiation Day. May 6th 2012

Truly Amazing...

Annie writes...

Hi Bryan just to say that I found the Celebration of Initiation workshop truly amazing. Although I attended remotely, when I did the meditations I really could feel the energetic shifts and am feeling them still.

Thank you
Annie X

Celebrations of Initiation Day. May 6th 2012

it has created a distinct breakthrough!

Elizabeth writes...

Dear Bryan,

Hello. I just wanted to reconfirm how positive I thought the last meditation session was on Angels.

I have repeated the meditations at home and feel like it has created a distinct breakthrough!

The morning after the meditation I awoke and felt like I had got my energy back, which is great as it has been depleted of late due to work pressures.
I am sure that the positive outlook we are learning is helping to attract more positive things.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,
Elizabeth xx

Awakening your Light Body
Barbara who completed Light Body in October 2011 writes..

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your teaching on the Lightbody course. I can't begin to explain how life changing it has been.

It's been a truly amazing experience, its the beginning of massive changes that are taking place in my life, so thank you so much.

I feel so grateful for this experience. You have been and still are a wonderful teacher. I have learnt and am still learning so much.

Awakening your Light Body
Dominique who completed the "Awakening your Light Body" course in July 2011 writes...

"A journey within a journey, that although challenging at times, is extremely rewarding and I do not hesitate in saying, may change your life. It feels almost like a trip to the past, present and future all at once. It certainly has changed my outlook, removed blockages, healed issues from the past, created more confidence/self-approvement, hope and inner peace for the present and to move forwards.

Not only have I experienced positive personal changes but I have learnt ways to help create a more positive environment around me, which is even more valuable.

Thank you Bryan for a wonderful course and for being a fantastic teacher."

Awakening your Light Body
Saima who Awakened her Light Body in the cycle ending July 2011 writes...

I am so much more positive after awakening my light body, it has changed my life. The course has provided me with the toolkit I needed to better my life and of those around me. I have gone from feeling helpless and trapped to becoming a confident woman with clear cut goals and a deep sense of what my higher purpose is.

Thankyou Bryan for this lifechanging experience I cannot thank you enough.


Soul Remembrance Day Workshop Helen Writes...

It was a wonderful day, thank you Bryan to you and The Elohim. And to everyone else as well, the energies were wonderful

I got so much out of it, in fact more than what i thought i would.

During one of the meditations (the one before the last one), even though i was unable to follow the meditation due to a lapse in consciousness, this experience helped me cross a boundary - one that i have been wanting to cross for a long time. This boundary has stopped me from reaching higher states of consciousness in the past. Something i have found frustrating at times. But i believe the energy created during the meditation helped me to overcome the boundary and lead me into a realm of wonderful bliss and peace.

Also, i feel the boundary may have been created by myself out of fear - being scared to experience something where my mind is unable to take charge of the experience. So now i am able to let go of that fear and move upwards

Thank you Bryan xx

Reiki 1&2 Weekend
Barbara writes..

Hi Bryan,

Thank you so much for your teaching this weekend it was amazing and I feel that I am begining to turn a corner. You are a great teacher. I got so much from you, we all did! so thanks again. I'm really looking forward to becoming a good therapist for others which is what I've always dreamed of, so I might be on my way to that. Feel like I've achieved something brill!!!

Love and blessings to you and family.

Reiki 1&2 Weekend
Jo Writes..

Hi Bryan,

Thank you ever so much for such a lovely weekend learning Reiki. It was so relaxed, friendly and I've learnt so, so much. I feel that my spiritual journey is just beginning.

Thanks again
Jo :)

Learning Reiki 2
DH of Leeds writes...

Very much enjoyed the Reiki 2 workshop today. Taught at exactly the right pace, in a relaxed and light environment, yet extremely detailed, informative and thorough. This applies to both the theory and practical work. Therefore, I feel because of this method of teaching, a lot of the knowledge has sunk in easily. Thank you for being my teacher and I am looking forward to putting the blessing of Reiki into action. I would highly recommend this workshop and certification.

Thank you.

Reiki Master Practitioner & Healer
Andrea from Leeds writes

Thank you and the Elohim very much for this wonderful course yet again. It all feels like arriving home. What a beautiful experience!

Thank you for being my Reiki teacher!

Love, light and peace


Learning Reiki
Reiki 1&2 weekend
Kathryn writes...

Hi Bryan, I was going to e-mail you to say thanks, its going really well. I've been self healing as well as giving Reiki which has been wonderful. Last night, whilst self healing, I was over my eyes and I got a beautiful burst of the brightest purple crystals then it had an edge of green around it. I have sent lots of absent healing out. I feel more confident. I feel more positive and I'm looking forward to my future. Hope all is well with you. Thanks again Kathryn x

Keys to Enlightenment Workshop
Here's some feedback from a few of those who did the "Keys to Enlightenment" workshop on 29th August 2010...

"I had a really wonderful day yesterday. I have since found myself in a place of complete calm and stillness, my thinking hasn't been so random and fixated on mundane things, so the inner peace has been welcoming."

"Once again Bryan, you manage to succeed in creating a moment in time where you remind us all, through our experiences with you and the Elohim of our common forgetting towards the illusion of our belief in separation. Ever lighting the way, bringing wisdom to those who are guided by your light, clearly expanding far beyond expectations."

"Great workshop - thank you Bryan. Looking forward to participating in future workshops with you and the others I met today. Really feel like the slate has been wiped clean and I can start again fresh."

"I would also like to add my thanks to you for yesterday. It was a remarkable experience for myself as I am sure it was for the others."

"It was a wonderful day, thank you Bryan and to everyone else who attended. The energy was lovely"

"I felt surrounded by an atmosphere filled with unconditional love. I saw in you and your teaching much love and grace and wish to thank the Elohim. I felt humble too. I too like how you spoke of everything to us, and find the information is brilliant."

Awakening Your Light Body

Andrea writes..

Bryan, Thank you very much for teaching this wonderful course to us. I am still holding this incredible peace I experienced when we did our last two meditations. Can’t even describe properly what I feel, but its overwhelmingly peaceful.

Love to you both, Andrea

Progress Through Peace Workshop

Highly recommended.

Paula writes..

I found the Progress through Peace day meditations to be invigorating and rewarding and the group energy very healing. Many blockages were definitely removed.

I found a feeling of peace that I have not felt in many years and now feel protected in my life.

I highy recommend this workshop.

Progress Through Peace Workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed the Peace Day...

Dominique writes..

The new meditations were very affecting and I enjoyed meeting angels and clearing blockages of negative energy/thinking/emotions also.

After the Peace Day Workshop, I felt much calmer, relaxed and light. However, it did not end there. The week following Peace Day was one of the most stressful and upsetting weeks of my life and I am absolutely positive that thanks to the Peace Day, I was able to keep a hold on my emotions, deal with the situation much calmer and almost remove myself from the drama of it. Things I wouldnt have always previously been able to do.

I appreciate within myself I am quite an easily-stressed, aggressive and sometimes short-tempered person. Now instead, I try to use skills I learned in the class to bring light and peace into non-peaceful situations and instead of reacting emotionally, I always have the thought of "try to act as a master of light would" which is something we learnt in the Peace Day.

A good pace, great meditations, a valuable resource, great teacher and a fantastic cd to take home with all the Peace Day meditations on to refer to when sometimes days outside of the class are not always so peaceful.

Thanks again Bryan :-)

Bridge of Light Groups

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being such a wonderful and supportive group! I have learned so much from being a part of the Bridge of Light group and I am very grateful to you all and to Bryan for helping me and supporting me throughout my journey. I feel like it is only the beginning and I still have lots to learn, but looking back, I have come a very long way since the group was first formed. Everyone's honesty and sharing of experiences has been so beneficial to me and its been wonderful to feel such a sense of belonging and constant support. Each and every one of you are very special people.

With love and Light,


Awakening Your Light Body

The most life changing process I have ever undergone...

Cheryl writes...

"The Light Body course is the most life changing process I have ever undergone, led by a patient, compassionate and richly experienced teacher. On a practical level I am more in charge of my emotions, and worry less. I am more positive and able to cope with life's ups and downs in a much more balanced way, with less drama and less resistance.
I have now begun to really see myself, to accept myself and to subsequently be able to detach myself from ways of thinking and being which do not serve my greatest good. The real jewel is that I have begun to see how important it is for my growth to be of service. In short, the course has taught me how to begin living as my Soul's energy, now.

With great love, respect and gratitude.


Awakening your Light Body

"Life changing"

Helen writes..

I feel truly blessed to have had the privilege to not only take the Awakening Your Light Body Course, but to also have it taught to me by a wonderful teacher - Bryan and his guides The Elohim. A natural teacher, you guided us through the Light Body Course every step of the way with kindness and patience.

The effects of taking the Light Body Course, for me, have been life changing. Almost like I have gone through a portal - changing from a shy, anxious and confused individual to a Spiritual Being that is starting to feel at one with the universe and a knowing of my soul work in this lifetime.

When activating each centre, I felt feelings of bliss, harmony and enlightenment. Throughout the course, I also felt a lot of negativity leaving my body and now feel a better person for it.

Now I have graduated and Awakened my Light Body, I'm ready to take the next step on my spiritual path and am happy that Bryan will again be my teacher and guide me with patience, understanding and with the caring nature that he has.

Reiki Master Teacher Classes

"More confident and stress free"

Anna of Leeds writes..

"I feel quite different, much quieter and more self contained. Also more confident and stress free. Done a couple of treatments since my Master attunement and there’s a huge difference to the flow of energy � really strong and my hands get loads hotter than before. The Reiki also seems to turn itself on at random times when I’m not even treating anyone : )

The Advanced Reiki Techniques are proving useful and interesting to use too."

Blessings from


Awakening Your Light Body

"Wonderful and Enlightening"

DK of Bradford writes...

"I have recently graduated from Bryan's "Awakening Your Light Body" Experience.

For me it was a wonderful and enlightening period in my life and I am sure I can say this was the same for my buddies who were on the course with me. Please bear in mind I am probably understating what it is I have experienced and learnt under Bryan's tutelage. It is only now, as the weeks are passing by, that I am becoming fully aware of the true import, beauty and love of what it is I am now radiating. People are smiling at me in the street as I walk by them, others tell me I am a pleasure to be with. You see, the Universe operates according to certain laws and principals; they occur whether you believe in them or not, they still carry on, they have to. Now, you can either carry on ignoring them and maybe wondering why your life is not as complete as it could be, or you could do something about it. The question is how?
This is where Bryan comes in.
He is a lovely warm hearted guy who also happens to be a spiritual teacher.
He will guide you as he has done with me, expertly along every step of the way as you awaken and evolve on your spiritual journey.

Thank you Bryan for all you have done in preparing me for this course and for teaming me up with a couple of great class mates. I couldn't have done it alone.

Incidentally, I consider myself to be a down to earth and level headed sort of guy. I am a captain who flies jet airliners for a living."

Reiki Master Teacher Classes

"Absolutely amazing.."
Janet W writes..

"For me, the Reiki Masters course was absolutely amazing, the energies were higher than I have ever felt, the teacher (Bryan) was excellent and everything flowed from the start to the finish. The experience was out of this world as I felt truly connected to the universe, the guides and the others that were in the room."

Awakening Your Light Body

"The most profound and important course I have taken."

Sarah R writes...

"Awakening the Light Body for me has been the most profound and important course I have taken, and even though I have finished the course, I suspect I have only just begun to find out what the light body can do. I have reached states of bliss, peace and tranquillity that I have never been able to reach before. I feel as though I have made a quantum leap in my growth - that's not to say that it's all been plain sailing. The course demands a lot from you, but the rewards more than make it worthwhile.

The course has enabled me to grow not just on a personal level, but those around me have benefitted also, and I am now able to bring more peace and stability to situations simply by using the techniques I have learnt. The support and encouragement I received throughout the course from you Bryan and the other 'light buddies' was second to none, and I would like to thank you for your patience, understanding and humour!

Awakening the Light Body is a gift, and I feel privileged to have been able to take this course."

Awakening Your Light Body

"The Light Body for me is the point that I have been waiting for and has brought light to my searching that I once thought was a path unable to achieve."

Andre of Lancashire writes..

"Each center certainly felt as if something was being activated within and the results were clearly seen as each center was shifting. It became very clear as we arrived to the end by Awakening the light body why all the earlier preparation by activating the centers was needed.
There was much clearance especially in the middle of the course, yet I knew that this was good and was needed to be released.

At this time I cannot see anything to pursue after completing the Light Body as I feel there is nothing that can offer and match the intensity and awakening in relation to the Light Body.

Your teaching and channeling was amazing and the energy in the room was bright and powerful. I thank you and the guides for this instant in time and the new life that has been born to light within me by reminding me who I am that was once lost.

Blessings to you Bryan, May many others follow the light you shine so brightly."

Reiki Master Healer and Master Teacher Classes

"The most wonderful, spiritual experience ever ..."

Allison B of Leeds Writes..

"I did my Reiki Master Healer with Bryan and it was the most wonderful, spiritual experience ever - I feel I have knowledge and understanding of the universe far beyond 'the explainable'.

If anyone is reading these comments then you are probably contemplating Reiki or healing in some form - my advice is simply to go for it- it can do nothing but good in my opinion."

Reiki 1 & 2 Weekend Linda of Leeds writes,

"Thank you once again for a fantastic Reiki 1 & 2 weekend

Best wishes

Connecting with Light

Tom S of Leeds writes after completing the 1st Workshop...

"It was a great experience today with you and thank you for the kind work and gentle guidance. I have used the tools in meditation tonight and found them true and powerful. I am glad to continue this path of growth with love, intent and patience."

Connecting with Light Workshops DK of Leeds writes...

"Really enjoyed myself on the 2nd workshop and am looking forward very much to the next learning day with you. I am very excited to at last be on this wonderful voyage of rediscovery and awareness."

Connecting with Light Via Webcam The "Connecting with Light" workshops are available via webcam for those unable to attend due to location.

Cathy in Chicago, USA writes..

"Dear Bryan,
Thanks for everything. Your teachings have been one of my greatest blessings."

Connecting with Light Tammy of Leeds writes..

I have done the "Connecting with Light" course with Bryan and have found it very Enlightening. Very opening, very spiritual and immediately felt energy shifts. My connection with my guides is stronger and I now only have to ask for guidance, help, love, understanding, protection etc and its there, its been a beautiful few weeks doing this course, I enjoyed every minute and am going to embark on the next light courses in the New Year.

Thank you Bryan, what you do is very special indeed and as someone who has been involved in a lot of channelling/spiritual work, you are truly remarkable, honest, and a wonderful person.

Author's note..You can visit Tammy's web site from this link here..

Channelled readings

TM of Leeds writes...

Thanks for today Bryan your healing and insight is remarkable!

Learning Reiki 2

Mary of Leeds writes..

Thank you for the Reiki 2 on Sunday: it was very interesting and
enjoyable and the calm feeling I came away with is still with me!...

I feel as if I have received a precious gift.

Connecting with Light

Andre from Lancashire writes about the "Connecting with Light" workshops...

Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday, I had certainly felt many changes and shifts. I haven't felt so many in such a short space of time like this.

A lot of work was going on within me. Even more so when you channelled for us, the change your guide made to me, I felt instantly and shivered through my whole being, the energy felt was undescribable.

I just could not describe the changes that I was feeling inside. Also when connecting myself, it was such a wonderful experience, and a knowing of guides with me is such a humble feeling, yet even that word doesnt describe the energy.

Today I'm like a beaming cheshire cat. The inner loving energy is strong and eminating far.

Your guides had certainly answered a lot of questions for me and given me the insight that I was looking for. It was I felt a very special day for all of us.

Thanks again Bryan


Reiki 1&2 weekend
Phil J of Leeds writes,

Bryan, I cannot begin to thank you enough for this weekend. My life has changed and will continue to change in ways that are now becoming apparent. After the Reiki 1, I felt exhausted. Tonight, after Reiki 2, I feel alive and full of joy. Before this weekend I saw messages that ended with the phrase “love and light” and thought them a little corny. Now it makes sense. So, with love and light, I thank you. Phil.

Learning Reiki 2
Dawn R writes,
I really enjoyed the day yesterday. You did a very good job at teaching and I feel that you taught me at just the right level with all the things I wanted to know. I still feel wonderful today!

Opening to Channel Jan C Writes..
Hi Bryan, thanks for the Opening to Channel last night, it was a really lovely evening and I found the meditations deep and powerful. I felt that I really did make a connection during the session - I haven't 'channelled' anything really but have felt the presence of the guide I connected with and can't believe that I didn't see her before as she is there, just inside my sphere of vision and is so big and bright I don't know how I missed her!! Thanks also for the channelling you did, I found the information you gave very helpful. Looking forward to next time, love Jan

Meditations for Spiritual Growth Workshops
Mary J of Leeds Writes...

Just a note to thank you for your challenging and thought-provoking course, which I thoroughly enjoyed - Thursday nights are not going to be the same without the Group's wide-ranging conversation, concern and care for each other and our enjoyment of and benefit from the meditations you created for us.

Learning Reiki Terry S writes... I certainly feel spiritually better in some way that I can't quite define - more present, more open.

I'm very glad to have done the course, and looking forward to exploring further.

Meditations for Spiritual Growth workshops... Warren and Sheila write...

"Having attended Bryan's meditation classes for the last four weeks, we can honestly say that they have made a vast difference to our lives. You come away with a sense of peace and tranquility, being able to handle every day life situations from a more spiritual understanding. Bryan truly has a gift. Thank you from two very grateful students!"

Paula S of Leeds writes about the Meditation for Spiritual Growth workshops... HI Bryan, thank you so much for the meditation classes.

I have found the classes to be a delightful experience and have also thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the warm and hospitable environment that you have created.

I also thank you for all the knowledge that you so openly share with us all with regard to the patience and care that you always take to answer our questions, whether they have been directly related to the specific meditation or not at the time. You have always helped and guided us all independently and as a group.

You are an excellent mentor and teacher.

Thank you.

This is the Facebook ad example I want to link to.

Distance healing testimonial - Stefanie in Germany writes, "I was having problems with Sciatica again that had been coming back on a regular basis. I asked Bryan to send me some Reiki healing and so he did. For about a week he included me in his Reiki distant healing session and after two days it started to get better. After a week it was gone and didn't return. I am pain free since three month now. I used to be really sceptical about Reiki but I am really glad I have given it a try. Thanks, Bryan. :-)"

Distance healing testimonial - Deanna in Delaware USA writes, "A few months back, I was experiencing some troublesome pain along my spine at the neck and into the shoulders. I had tried heat and wanted to avoid a visit to a doctor. I contacted Bryan and requested that he send some distant Reiki Healing. Bryan began to send Reiki. The session lasted approximately 10 minutes. And, at the completion of the session, the pain in the neck and shoulders was completely gone. I also felt a sense of restored peace as well."

Reiki Healing...RSM of Leeds writes, "Dear Bryan,
I feel I must write to thank you for those wonderful Reiki sessions. I always found that I was so centred and relaxed as a result of your treatment but what has really amazed me, sceptic that I am, is that my sciatica, once so painfully persistent, has completely cleared up after only two treatments and that I could actually feel the changes taking place as the energy was moving through my body. As you know, my once painful shoulder, a result of RSI, has troubled me on and off for years and often kept me awake at nights. This is also much relieved. My advice to everyone now is, "Be open minded, give it a try; Reiki actually works!"

Learning Reiki Laura V of Leeds writes.. "You have certainly answered the questions I put to you with great clarity and I feel better for knowing how you and your teachers approach and work with Reiki; most importantly of all it sounds right for me."

Learning Reiki Charlotte B writes.. "I cannot thank you enough for all the time you have spent with me and the Reiki attunements that you have given me, I really do feel like a different person and definately feel the Reiki vibrations in my hands."