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Reiki (Pronounced, Ray Kee) is an ancient form of healing offering deep relaxation and nourishing healing for the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is not a substitute for conventional medicine but is used with great success to treat all kinds of physical and stress related illnesses.

The Japanese word Reiki is divided into two parts: -

Rei - Wisdom and knowledge of all the Universe - Atmosphere of the Divine - All that is, which is all knowing, which understands the need for and the cause of all problems and difficulties and how to heal them.

Ki - The life force energy flowing through every living thing.

Reiki - God directed life force energy - Spiritual, universal life force energy.

Just as Meditation and Channelling are paths of spiritual growth, so too is Reiki. Reiki is concerned with healing. The Reiki practitioner becomes a channel for the intelligent, healing energy of the Divine and passes this healing energy through the hands (sometimes also through the breath and the eyes) to the client.

Reiki is a powerful path of spiritual growth in its own right. It allows us to serve others in a healing capacity. At the same time, we are moved to grow in our ability to open our hearts more and more to unconditional love and compassion. The giving and receiving of Reiki is always a beautiful experience. Sometimes, during special moments, it becomes like an Angelic experience and the room is filled with peaceful, healing harmonies, warmth, love and stillness. Just as we have individual non-physical guides, so there are Reiki guides, always present, during a healing session. They often guide the hands of the practitioner to where the healing energies are most needed for the client.

Reiki always works for the highest good and intent of the recipient and it is Reiki itself that heals and not the practitioner. The practitioner is simply a channel for this Divine healing light. We all have the ability to heal ourselves pre-built into our DNA.

Reiki also helps to create a profound, safe, healing space for the recipient's own inner healing energies to be awakened. The recipient can then draw the Reiki energy, from the practitioner, into those physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas most needed for their highest good and wellbeing.

Reiki is a gift from the Divine to be used with gratitude, to be cherished and nurtured. Because it is intelligent, it can never do harm, it can only do good. It brings much needed healing and peace, into our lives and into the World.