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channelling Workshops available. Please contact Bryan for information

sun rays over Humber estuary in late JanuaryIn early life, we have our teachers, parents and relatives, people who help guide us as we learn and grow. In adult life, we can choose those who help guide us and learn from people who we respect and admire, perhaps one of our managers at work, or someone who takes a special interest in us and accepts us just as we are. There are those who inspire us and want the best for us and make us feel special.

So it is on the spiritual path that there are guides and teachers who have a special interest in us and our spiritual growth. These guides may be with us for many lifetimes, helping us to learn the spiritual lessons we have set for ourselves before coming to Earth. We have all heard of "Guardian Angels" and sayings like "When the student is ready, the master appears." These ideas point us to our guides and channelling is a skill which we learn so that we can contact our guides. They help us and inspire us on our path of growth. They are wise old friends.

Channelling is a gift which can come naturally and easily to those on a spiritual path. Almost anyone can learn to Channel. We can also learn to channel for others, for people who have not yet connected with their guides. It is a very special occasion channelling for others. Guides always give their help and assistance freely, without any judgment of the person and with great love, humour and warmth and a sincere desire for their growth.

Information is always positive, never negative and never ever judgmental or controlling. Guides will not say, you must do this or, you have to do that. Also, they are neither fortune tellers, nor spirits from the spirit world. Guides are always Masters who have risen above the spirit world. They absolutely respect the law of free will and will not interfere with it. It is because we all have free will as individuals that our future cannot be predicted for we alone are responsible for the choices we make.

When asked a question about free will whilst doing a reading, my guides, "The Elohim", gave the answer below. Notice how they suggest that it is important for us to understand that we have the free will to ask and how important it is to ask. Echoing the words of The Master "Ask and ye shall be given." Unless we ask for help and guidance, the Universe is powerless to help us because of the law of free will. Their answer also penetrates deeply into the question asked, which is, "What is free will?"

The Elohim, talking about free will...

"What we give you is very Divine and it is based on an unconditional love because we see your soul, we see your monad. We are part of The Mighty Elohim and we understand the creative aspects of the Divine in all things and what we give you is sublime because we love you unconditionally and because you ask. Asking is the most important law in the Universe. Free will was Divinely given so that man can eventually ask for his free will to be taken away from him because he understands that free will does not serve him; only Divine will serves him. This is the ultimate destiny of mankind, to surrender free will so that the Divine can serve through them, without inhibition and interference. You are very blessed."

Their answer reminds me of part of the Lord's Prayer, "Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven." Channelling is such a beautiful experience.

If you are drawn to learning how to channel then please contact Bryan or see the News and Courses pages for further details.

Channelled Readings.

Channelled Readings are available to anyone wishing to know more about who they are and why they are here. Guides can assist you in your life lessons, higher purpose and areas where you may feel stuck in moving forwards and progressing in your spiritual growth etc.

If you would like to have a reading from Bryan's guides "The Elohim" then please contact him on 0113 2667229. Readings are given at his home in Roundhay Leeds and can be recorded at CD quality and transferred to a USB memory stick or CD which you bring with you to the session. You may bring your own recording device if preferred.

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Bryan offers Channeled readings, Chakra and Past life readings.

Bryan is a channel for beings of light from higher dimensions of reality and being. Firstlight Logo

He is a channel for the Elohim...

"The Seven Mighty Elohim and Their Divine Complements, their Feminine Counterparts, are the Builders of Creation. It was They who responded to the Fiat of the Lord God 'Let there be Light: and there was Light' and the Fiat of Creation to create the worlds. . . "

"These Seven Sets of Twin God-Flames: are the "Seven Spirits of God" referred to in Revelation 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6. 3 The Elohim are also the "Morning Stars" that sang together in the Beginning, as revealed by the LORD in the Book of Job."

Bryan is also a channel for a guide called "Orion" who is a being of light of great wisdom and compassion and his guides work with him when he is teaching "Awakening your Light Body" and "Connecting with Light" classes as well as when he is teaching or giving Reiki.

If you are finding life challenging, feeling there is something else you should be doing, or are seeking some answers to who you are and why you are here, then these beings and guides are available to you. They will help you to connect with your highest purpose in life, your true reason for being. They are happy to assist you and give you their guidance.

During a reading, these guides will offer insights and different perspectives on any questions or matters which concern you. Their guidance is always directed with compassion, for they know that you too are a being of light who has chosen to experience a sense of separated identity and consciousness. You have chosen this in order to eventually master this separated energy and consciousness which you are experiencing and eventually remember and realise your Divine nature. All problems, issues and difficulties are your unique training program which you have chosen to experience.

Behind these challenges, which you experience as a separated self, is a greater wisdom and a greater love. A channeled reading can help you to gain insights and new perspectives to use for your growth.

Readings last about an hour and can be recorded. It is important to record readings as they usually reveal many things over a period of time. Contact Bryan on Leeds (0113) 2667229 to arrange for a reading. Cost is £45. For those on low incomes, students, unemployed etc please discuss with me.