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SunriseMeditation is the key to our inner being. It is the means by which we can move from the outer world into that rich and deep inner world where we truly live. We can then be in touch with that inner light and peace which is within us all. Meditation helps us to see that of God within ourselves and ultimately, to see that of God in all of humanity.

Love is seen as precious, but in the way that it is precious, it should not be like gold which is precious because it is rare. Love is seen as precious because it is abundant and flows freely from person to person, without judgment, without condition, without inhibition. When love is flowing, joy, happiness and peace expand within that person's environment and indeed, all people who are in a loving environment will grow and flourish.

Meditation helps us to become more and more in touch with that love and peace within us and therefore reach out further and connect to that love and peace which is also within others. This assists in uniting and healing the Earth and all people.

Meditation is the key to becoming a richer person, more aware of those things which make love possible and also more aware of those things which inhibit love within us. First, we go within to understand what it is that inhibits us and closes our hearts to love and its expression, so that we may then open our hearts and allow love to simply flow through us and around us, unconditionally. We can then learn to send that love and its light into many, many situations to assist in the healing process of ourselves and others.

Meditation is a process of winding down little by little and understanding, seeing and touching that which is the driving force of the Universe and all of creation. There is no greater thing than love and we are that love. Love is all and it is within every atom of the universe. It is the prime mover of all things.

Meditation is the means by which we touch, connect with and become, our true and higher selves.

If you would like to learn more about meditation and techniques to help you realise your unique path and soul's journey, then please contact Bryan. He will be happy to offer help, courses, guidance and advice, designed specifically for you, or your group.