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Awakening Your Light Body 2020
** Part 1&2 Begins Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th May 2020 **

For those of you who are now ready, the Awakening Your Light Body course is a profound and beautiful course. You will be taken to new levels in your ability to work with energy, you will accelerate your spiritual growth. Your light body is the spiritual shimmer that is the next evolutionary step for humanity.

Please Call or Text Bryan on 07714 288873 or Landline 0113 2667229 for further details.

The Lightbody
What is the Light Body?
Your light body is the spiritual shimmer that is the next evolutionary step for humanity. It is a new energy body, a part of your aura that it was not possible to awaken before the new, higher energies came to the earth plane. As you awaken your light body it is like having a new kind of vision. You will be able to see, sense and feel the higher, more beautiful energies of the higher dimensions and make them more a part of your everyday life.

Awakening your light body creates a level of harmony between all your energy bodies, aligning your physical, emotional and mental bodies so that your spiritual shimmer is activated. To align your energy bodies, you will work with the seven vibrational energy body centres that affect them, these are not chakras. From this position of alignment and flow you will work with the three light body centres to awaken your Light Body.

Why Awaken your Light Body?
As it awakens, your light body sounds many new notes within you of a higher vibration, notes that will change your life. You will attract opportunities to make a difference in the world as you begin to hold and radiate more light. As you open to this greater flow and light, you can attract more abundance, opportunities and loving people into your life. You can be around many different kinds of people and stay centred, calm and transparent to denser energies. You will discover how to bring a higher consciousness into your personality and everyday life.

As you learn to work with the centres you will see positive results that might have seemed miraculous before you understood the process. Awakening your light body can create many lasting, profound changes in your life. As you awaken your light body you will be on a path of accelerated spiritual growth.

How Is Awakening Your Light Body taught?
Awakening the Light Body takes between 3 to 5 months to complete and so the course is deliberately split into manageable parts to allow time to do the meditations, work with the vibrational energy bodies learnt and to integrate the energy shifts.

The course is split into 3 separate parts. The parts build on the previous ones taken. Part 1 & 2 concentrates on the first four centres, those which relate to the emotional and physical body. There is then a break of 4-6 weeks for you to work with these centres and to give you time to integrate the material you have learnt before taking the second part. You will be given several meditations as well as written notes to work with during this period. By the time you take the second part, these four centres will be in alignment and creating a sense of emotional flow.

In Part 3 & 4, you will work with the three mental body centres and align the physical, emotional and mental bodies. After completing the second part, there will be another break of 4-6 weeks with more meditations and written notes to work with to integrate and balance the mental body work.

In the final workshop, Part 5 & 6, you will learn the Light Body centres and again will be given meditation tapes and written materials to use on your own. Fuller details of content are given below.

During each part of these workshops Bryan, with the assistance of his guides The Elohim, will transmit certain frequencies to awaken the vibrational energy body centres and finally the Light Body centres. There may be one or two assistants present as well to help to stabilise the energies. Between workshops, Bryan and The Elohim will transmit to you, each day to assist with the unfolding of this awakening process.

Part 1 {1&2}. Building your power base and opening your heart centre.
During these intensive workshops, you will learn the first four vibrational energy body centres and start to build the power base for your light body. You will be guided into many expanded, higher states of consciousness. These states will allow you to profoundly affect the energy around you, to stay calm and peaceful, easily change emotional and personality patterns and keep your energy open and flowing.

Break of 4-6 weeks.

Part 2 {3&4}. Activating your higher energy centres and aligning your vibrational energy bodies.
In the second course you will work with the three mental body centres and align the physical, emotional and mental bodies. These centres will assist you in awakening your higher mind for increased inner vision and heightened creativity. During the classes and using the meditations, you will work with the gridwork of your mental body to open to higher, more positive and unlimited thoughts, connect with the Universal Mind and become more powerful at manifesting what you want. You explore states of consciousness that allow illumination, insights and focused awareness. You will learn how to stop mental chatter, go through the void and experience higher frequencies of light. You will learn how to create harmony and flow and become even more aware of subtle, higher energies and learn how to add these higher frequencies to your aura.

Break of 4 -6 weeks.

Part 3 {5&6}. Awakening your Light Body, becoming radiant.
In this last, advanced part of the course you will learn to awaken the three light body centres, enabling you to become a greater and greater radiating source of light. You will build a channel upward to the Absolute, the Divine or the All That Is. The last light body centre is one of incredible bliss and beauty. You have made an evolutionary leap with the awakening of this centre and your level of personal power, ability to change your environment, affect others and exist in higher states of consciousness will increase dramatically.

Costs etc.
A full Manual is provided and a certificate awarded on completion of all 3 parts.
The course takes 3 to 5 months to complete so your costs are spread out over this 3 to 5 months period. Each Part is £175 giving a total cost of £525 which is spread out over these 3 to 5 months. It is important to commit to completing all three parts.

Dates of the Parts 2 {3&4} and Part 3 {5&6} sessions are arranged to suit the group within certain time limits.

If you are interested and want to take this course then think seriously if you are willing to commit the time that is needed to go through this process.

You will be given recorded meditations to work with and will need to set aside 30 minutes, every day for this, whilst on the course and during the breaks between each part of the course.

To help you to integrate the increased amounts of light you will be bringing in, it is asked that you be prepared to take a regular form of exercise during the course, such as walking, swimming or similar, according your choice.

I ask for a deposit of £75 to reserve your place paid in advance of attending each part.

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